In a Beautiful Back Bay Townhouse

September 19th, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

a Life Work Co-Lab Event

115 Newbury Street

Boston, MA


Gain Clarity

Refresh your Brand,

Reset your Social Media Habits

For 2020

Women Leaders & Entrepreneurs


Vision:  Get ready to hit refresh 2020 with social media. Let others connect with who you are, and renew your network as your life’s work evolves. Start a more consistent social media habit that you enjoy and stay connected to those who inspire you and who support your mission or life’s work.

Small Group Workshop Format:  

This three-hour Life Work Co-Lab workshop is for a small group (less than 10), assuring private one on one guidance.  Bring your own laptop computer.

 To make the most of the workshop, about 20 minutes of pre-work is required.



  • Get beyond the myths of social media that stall you

  • Learn how to use social media to connect live and in-person.  (Social media is not the same as networking. We will create a complementary strategy together). 

  • Learn how to portion about 20 min a week to refresh your online presence


Let’s face it, our life gets in the way of our daily agenda and our life work planning. This means focused time for social media connections may be cast aside or, worse, only partially executed.

In a small group coaching format, learn how to refresh your connections and re-connect in an authentic inspiring way. Improve your online value and connect with others live and in-person.

If you’re in transition, you’ll find this workshop valuable, uplifting and energizing.


Life Work Co-Lab Activities:  

This workshop is a three-hour “Refresh and Renew” event with light lunch and a beautiful walk down Commonwealth Avenue at Boston’s finest time of year!

This followed by one hour of one-on-one telephone coaching, included in the price.

 We work together to refresh your profile and renew your communications plan.  

Tap into the growing Life Work Co-Lab for resources in social media marketing, image consulting, photography, financial planning, etc.


What to Bring:

Your current resume or CV in print

Yes..cell phone….is needed


 1) create a value proposition that inspires YOU, first, then others 2) build your strategic online and live network to 3) connect with your personal brand 4) be you, the remarkable, with gratitude and grace.

Your Investment

$200/pp for a half-day workshop with less than 10, including with light lunch and…

including one Zoom call, an hour of one on one coaching around your brand and execution of social media