Catalyze your Transition with a GAP

Gratitude Action Plan (GAP)

You've heard about college kids now taking a GAP year?

It may be your time to take a GAP as well, but our GAP is a Gratitude Action Plan.  I developed my own plan based on my priorities, values and available time.  In addition, I created a new network from which to further build my life's work.

Want to really create something new and make a difference in people's lives as you evolve your design in the second half of life?

Let's work together on your GAP as I can guide you with one coaching session how to develop your GAP Plan moving forward in your transition.

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If you live in Boston area, we have connections with organizations that would value your experience and passion. Gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving and a gratitude action plan may be your perfect GAP year!  

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