Are you ready to design your personal possibility to work well and thrive?

What I believe to be true is that our gifts can be disguised, buried and unavailable..until we are ready to see them.  Our gifts are mere reflections of part of us. We are enough, whole and complete just as we are and that's where we start our journey to Design What's Next.

My 6-step design journey starts with your true nature and builds a design pathway that's authentically you, supported by your own purpose, passion and desires for your life's work.  And, this journey is accompanied by a network of women's advocates I've personally built for over ten years. 

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We can start off by getting to know each other. If interested, please leave your contact details with me to your right in the box provided. (Yes, I promise I won't be sharing your email with anyone or any company at all.)

 I would love to hear from you about your interest in moving through your life as a designer, with intentionality and choice as you reignite and re-advance your life's work. 

To your own journey, 

Kelley Connors, MPH,

Women's Life Work Coach & Communications Consultant

203-856-3732 (it’s my cell) (right to my urgent inbox)


“I’ve known Kelley’s work for a decade, and she’s tirelessly committed to advancing public health, especially women’s health in midlife. I have seen her apply her branding and communication skills in creative ways to engage both consumers and healthcare professionals for better health and wellbeing. I highly recommend her to any healthcare or wellness organization

Michelle Segar, MPH, PhD, Director at University of Michigan's Sport, Health, and Activity Research and Policy (SHARP)